THE trial of three teenagers accused of manslaughter, in relation to an alleged incident in Keene Street, has reached its midway point.

Callum Banton and Brandon Crosdale, both 18, and Shaquille Crosdale, 19, all of Fleetwood Close, Newport, have pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of Polish national Jan Jedrzejewski.

The 41-year-old was found unresponsive at around 11pm close to Cromwell Road on Thursday January 12, and died the following day at the Royal Gwent Hospital.

Williams Hughes QC of the prosecuting counsel read the facts agreed by both parties and which are not in dispute.

He said that all three defendants were arrested on Friday, January 13.

Mr Hughes QC also read the statement of Keene Street resident Leslie Heames, who lived “fairly centrally in the street”.

“At approximately 11.30pm we became aware of blue flashing lights in Keene Street,” said the barrister, adding Mr Heames was watching TV with his wife Amanda on January 12 before going outside to see what had gone on.