A COUNCILLOR who claims she was politically snubbed for a committee position at a Torfaen community centre has helped a group take over management of the same building.

As previously reported, a petition was set up by residents stating Trevethin councillor, Louise Shepphard, was overlooked for the Cold Barn Farm (CBF) position at Torfaen’s AGM.

After working with Torfaen council officers, Torfaen Voluntary Alliance, the previous CBF committee and the Charity Commission, the centre is now under new management.

It will now be run by the ‘Trevethin Matters’ community group - trading under Trevethin Activity Barn - and its members have a host of future plans for improving the centre for the community.

“It was once a thriving centre and has accomplished many good things in the past for the local community but it has nose dived over the last few years,” cllr Shepphard said.

“I could have helped in many ways but I wasn’t given that opportunity in May so we needed to get to a position were it can be an asset to the community and I believe that this is where we are now.”

The councillor credited Torfaen council officers for supporting the transition and facilitating asbestos, health and safety and risk assessment training and qualifications.

Long-term plans range from upgrading the skate park and building a new childrens’ play park, to various clubs, classes and community trips catering to all ages.

The ethos of the group, cllr Shepphard explained, is to promote social inclusion, community cohesion and family life and also develop activities based on feedback from residents.

This year, the group have held several successful events including raising thousands of pounds to stage a free community fireworks display in October.

“It hasn’t been easy and has been a test to prove that a strong group of volunteers can succeed if they have enough drive and determination,” she added.

"We are all extremely excited over this new era about to start and we have many plans for the future."

To volunteer, visit trevethinmatters.co.uk or search on Facebook.

Torfaen council were contacted for comment.