A NEWPORT choirmaster has thanked members of a church choir for their continued hard work.

With many churches attempting to manage decline, the choirmaster at St John the Evangelist, in Maindee, has thanked choir members for helping it to maintain its strength.

Choirmaster Jon Granger, who lives on Chepstow Road, said: "We have 40 people in our choir which is very good. And they all turn up regularly for choir practice.

"What is extremely impressive is that we have 15 girls aged between seven to 17. A lot of churches do not have this number, let alone have young people.

"At a time when we hear of difficulties facing the church, ours is strong and I would like to thank members of the choir for their continued dedication and hard work."

He added: "There is still plenty of room for others to join and if you would like to join us please get in touch with me."

If you would like to join the choir, call Mr Granger on 01633 769684