GWENT MPs have received thousands of pounds in donations and other payments, government documents have shown.

The publicly-available record of financial interests details donations handed to each MP, as well as payments they have received throughout the year.

Among the revelations are that Islwyn MP Chris Evans was given a ticket with hospitality to the ATP World Tour tennis finals in London in November 2016, worth £605.

Newport East Jessica Morden received a series of donations from three trade unions. She was given £5,000 from GMB and £3,000 from CWU in June, and £3,614.24 from Unite in July.

She was also donated £3,000 from London-based B M Creative Management, which has backed a number of Labour MPs.

The records show Blaenau Gwent Nick Smith received 12,500 in donations from four trade unions in July. These were £5,000 from Unison, £3,000 from Community, £2,500 from GMB and £2,000 from Unite.

Newport West Paul Flynn also received £318.15 in royalties from books he has written, as well as £1,295 from completing a series of surveys, all of which he donated to charity.

Mr Flynn said: "In my first book on advice to MPs published in 1997, I suggest that all MPs should have a fund for all excess income received above the MPs salary in order to distribute to charities. I have done this ever since."

The register also notes Mr Flynn employs his wife Lynne as his senior secretary.

The records also show Torfaen MP Nick Thomas-Symonds received a £4,000 donation from trade union Unite in July, which was allocated to him from the UK Labour Party. He was also paid £1,050 in January for legal services he had provided as a barrister before he was elected to Parliament in 2015, and received received £791.51 in royalties from biographies of Clement Atlee and Aneurin Bevan he wrote in 2010 and 2014.

Mr Thomas-Symonds was also paid £150 plus expenses for delivering a talk at a history festival in Stroud in September, which he donated to charity.

Monmouth MP David Davies also received £320 for completing a series of YouGov surveys.

He said: "I undertake some ad hoc work outside of Parliament. I register every hour worked and every penny in line with Parliamentary rules."

Mr Evans, Mr Thomas-Symonds, Ms Morden, and Mr Smith declined to comment.