THE SON of a Newport woman who went missing on Christmas Day has told of his relief after his mother was found safe.

Sandorne Kovacs, 63, went missing from her son’s home in East Grove Road, Ringland, Newport, just after midnight on December 25.

Her disappearance sparked a huge search, including the use of the police helicopter, and an appeal on Facebook which was shared more than 1,000 times.

Today, police confirmed that Ms Kovacs has been found safe.

Her son, Sandor, who said the news is a “huge relief ”, revealed how she was found on Sunday morning in a neighbour’s garden shed.

He said: “One of our neighbours came around and said he had seen her in the garden.

“We went looking for her and found her in the shed in the garden.

“I just started crying.”

Mr Kovacs, 35, who works for Sims based at Alexandra Docks in Newport, said his mother was “very weak”, tired and hungry.

She was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, where she continues to recover.

Mr Kovacs said doctors have said his mother is “fine”, although she is weak due to not having eaten.

“I just felt like I had to keep looking for her,” added Mr Kovacs.

“I did not give up. We checked everywhere we could.”

Mum-of-two Ms Kovacs, who lives near Budapest in Hungary, had been visiting her son in Newport for Christmas and New Year.

After leaving the home after midnight on Christmas Day, she was seen returning to her son’s home later in the afternoon when he was out searching.

A pair of waterproof trousers and boots were left in his garden.

Mr Kovacs added: “She does not remember why she left the house.

“She said she tried to come back home but could not find the way.”

He wished to thank the public for sharing the appeal and thanked all those who helped out in searches.

He added that he does not know how long she was staying in the shed. People also expressed relief on Facebook after Ms Kovacs was found safe yesterday.

One person commented: “So glad the lady was found safe.

“Thank God for a happy ending. Well done to Gwent police and everyone that went out looking for this lady.”

Others wished her a full recovery.

In a statement, a spokesman for Gwent Police said: “Sixty-three-year-old Sandorne Kovacs from the Ringland area of Newport who had been reported missing has now been found.”