AN EXTRA tonne of food aid was delivered to people by Trussell Trust foodbanks in Newport last year, statistics have revealed.

Charity Trussell Trust's three foodbank distribution centres - Christchurch Centre, Duffryn Community Centre and St Paul's Church - handed out 8.5 tonnes of food aid between September to December 2016 which rose to 9.5 tonnes the following year, according to data from Christchurch Centre.

The statistics also revealed a staggering 472 food parcels were given out to 1,162 people in the three months in 2016 which again rose the following the year to 501 for 1,338 people.

Of the total amount of people receiving food packages, 436 were children in 2016 and 527 were children in 2017.

Foodbank manager John Slocombe, who is based at Christchurch Centre, in Malpas, described the figures as "sad".

"It's quite surprising looking at the spike during that time," he said.

"The statistics and having foodbanks are sad.

"Our role is to just make sure that people who need food are getting fed."

The statistics come a day after we launched our month-long foodbank appeal to help the hungry in Gwent.

Foodbanks rely on donations from the public to put together food packages to feed some of the most vulnerable.

Our appeal calls on people to donate food items.

Mr Slocombe added that he hoped people would continue to donate, given that the period after Christmas sees a fall in donations.

"My main message now is that in a few weeks' time donations start to dip," he said.

"I hope people will continue to donate and get involved in the Argus' appeal.

"Donations will help a lot of people."

Mr Slocombe praised the public for all of the current donations.

The 52-year-old said: “As you can see during the periods September to December 2016 and 2017 there is a significant increase in donations as well as people being fed.

"We are very grateful to the schools, local businesses, churches and the general public of Newport for being so generous and to those who contribute to our permanent collection points in Tesco Cardiff Road and Spytty Stores, along with Sainsbury’s Friars Walk.

"I would also like to thank our agencies who issue Trussell Trust foodbank vouchers to people in crisis, along with all our Volunteers without whom we would not be able to continue. This is very much a community venture so thanks to everyone who is involved with us."

You can donate food items to the South Wales Argus office, Malpas, Newport, during working hours 9am to 5.30pm

If you are a city company willing to act as a drop-off centre, please ring 01633 777087 or e-mail