A WARNING has gone out telling people to be on the lookout for the "most convincing phishing email" it has ever seen.

Scammers have made an exact replica of a real e-receipt from Debenhams and are sending it out in a scam where they ask for personal details in order to get money from people.

A spokesperson for Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre said: "This Debenhams e-receipt is the most convincing phishing email we've seen and could be lurking in your inbox.

"More than 55 information reports have been sent to our National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

"We would advise people to not click on any links, delete it and report it to us "Debenhams are aware it's a fake and have had customers contact them directly about it.

"Their e-receipts are issued to people when they make a purchase in store and this is a carbon copy. So these are not only unusual, but could catch some people off guard.

"The giveaway is the fact they were sent from personal email addresses."

A Debenhams spokesperson added: "We are aware of this and we continually take steps to protect customers and support the work that organisations such as Action Fraud and Cyber Aware conduct to encourage customers to be vigilant and aware of the steps they can take to stay cyber secure."

If you received one of these emails, delete it straight away. Do not open any links. Report it to Action Fraud at actionfraud.police.uk If you are