UNDY Primary School is one "big family" who want the best for their pupils.

This is what comes to the mind of Mark Gunn, substantive head teacher of the primary, when he thinks of the school.

The primary is tucked away in a suburban setting in Pennyfarthing Lane.

It also boasts of having more than 300 pupils attending it.

The school has a nursery and playgroup. It also has two head teachers - substantive head teacher Mark Gunn and co-head teacher Paula Willis.

Mr Gunn said that the school accommodates a broad range of pupils.

“Our pupils come from different locations,” he said.

“Some of our pupils come from Caldicot, Newport and other places.

“We have a lot of pupils from a range of backgrounds at Undy Primary School.”

Mr Gunn, who has been head teacher for 12 years and previously worked in England, said the school is high achieving.

“Our grades are above the local authority average,” he said.

“They are also above the Wales average.

“We put our time and effort into our pupils’ education. You can see that it has paid off.”

The head teacher said that creating and offering opportunities for pupils is incredibly important to him and to members of staff.

“As head teacher, giving opportunities is most important to me,” said Mr Gunn.

“Exam success can be linked to the various opportunities that we offer here.

“If we want our pupils to get the best start in life then you need to offer opportunities when they are young.

“When I think of Undy Primary School, I think of a big family, who want the best for our children.”

Mr Gunn spoke at great length of various opportunities on offer, including in music.

“We have people from Gwent Music who come in and visit,” he said.

“They offer violin lessons to all reception children. The children jumped at this opportunity and they really enjoy it.

“I think this is a good idea because it allows the children to explore musical interests.

“We also have very good sports teachers and there is a lot of sporting activities, including cross country, football, hockey and swimming.

“We also have a group called Criw Cymraeg, who meet weekly and help the children to use their Welsh.”

He added: “These are great opportunities for our pupils, all of which will benefit them in years to come.”

And as such Mr Gunn believes the school to be unique.

He said: “We are unique because look at the many things we have on offer - from developing musical interests to broadening a knowledge in Welsh.

“All of these things are for our children. So, yes, I do think Undy Primary School is unique.”

Another way that the school is unique is with its popular Friends of Undy Primary School (FOUPS) group, the head teacher said.

“This is a very popular group which is run by parents,” said Mr Gunn.

“The whole point of FOUPS is that it raises money for the school. It arranges fundraising activities - I know in the autumn 2017 FOUPS gave £200 to each class.

“FOUPS’ next target is to be able to get 45 laptops for the school. It is quite a challenge but I am confident it will be met.”

Mr Gunn added that he wanted to thank staff and parents for supporting the school.

“We would not be where we are today without the constant support from parents and staff,” he said.

He added: “I would now like to thank them for all their help over the years. It has been - and will continue to be - appreciated.”

For more information on the school, ring 01633 880021 or e-mail undyprimary@monmouthshire.gov.uk


l Head teachers: Substantive head teacher Mark Gunn and co-head teacher Paula Willis

l Pupils: 334

l Motto: Learning together, learning for life

l Languages spoken: English and Welsh

l Estyn: Good, 2015