A DATABASE of home-schooled children in Wales could be created under plans announced by the Welsh Government.

Education secretary Kirsty Williams has also announced a package of support for parents and others responsible for home-schooling, including help with exam registration, access to digital learning platform Hwb and support from Careers Wales.

A consultation will also be launched on proposals to require councils to set up a database identifying school-aged children not in mainstream education. Although parents will not be forced to send children to school, councils will be able to assess whether the education they are receiving is suitable.

Ms Williams said: “I fully respect the choice of parents to home educate their children and nothing I am considering or proposing changes that.

"There are many valid, different and sometimes complex reasons why parents would choose to go down this route and in some cases this will be the best choice for the child.

“But this choice must be balanced with the right of children to receive a suitable education."

She added: “Balancing the right of the child to receive a suitable education with the choice of parents to home-educate is always going to be a challenge, but I believe the plans we will consult on represent a sensible and proportionate way forward.”