THE winner of one of the Pride of Gwent Awards said the award has drawn attention to his voluntary work.

Torfaen litter picker Ron Ford was chosen as the recipient of the Local Hero Award in 2017.

Mr Ford said: "The award meant a lot because it was a Gwent award and this is where I live. To be chosen as winner meant a lot.

"Every now and again people come up to me and congratulate me, one person came up to me in the last few weeks."

"The awards draw people's attention to what people do voluntary.

"You see famous people getting awards but there are people doing things that actually cost them money and to see them get awards and hear their stories is amazing. The awards are very worthwhile."

We have received nominations from across the region and have heard about amazing work being done in our communities.

There are 15 awards that aim to reward and celebrate the efforts of the unsung heroes of our communities.

If you know someone who spends their time fundraising for charity, or someone who saved a life then nominate them now for an award.

If they are chosen as a finalist they will be invited to the awards event at the Coldra Court Hotel in Newport on May 25.

You can nominate someone for free until March 23 at our website