Our Dog of the Week is a darling saluki, Oakley.

Oakley has had a really difficult time recently. When he was found Oakley has a very nasty injury to his paw.

Oakley was taken in by the RSPCA for emergency treatment.

RSPCA inspector Izzy Hignell said: “This poor dog has a severe injury on his foot, which must have been causing him a considerable amount of pain and discomfort.

“He has been taken to the vets where he is receiving treatment, and the vet believed that his injury had been there for two days before he was found. He has an open fracture on his left hind foot and sadly it may be that he needs his leg amputated.”

Oakley was with the RSPCA for a few days in the hope that his owners could be traced, or someone would come forward with information regarding his injuries. Their enquiries came to nothing, and Oakley is now in the tender care of the staff at Newport City Dogs Home.

He is recovering well and is looking forward to a wonderful future.

Oakley has made friends with a number of his fellow residents at the Centre, and although he is still on restricted exercise he really is starting to find his inner puppy.

Oakley would prefer a home which has experience of his breed, or in any event someone who owns or who has previously owned a sighthound, as they are quite ‘special’ dogs and probably not suited to first time dog owners.

If you’d like to meet Oakley please contact Newport City Dogs Home call 01633 290 902 for more information between 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm, on weekdays, 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 3.30pm on Saturday. Please note: the home is closed on Sundays.