NEWPORT author Paul Minton has released his debut collection of poems which are designed to make readers laugh out loud.

Miss Winter’s Demise and Other Crimes Against Poetry explores a wide range of themes and subjects. The book contains poems about strange things like a dog with too many legs, a boy who turns into a bird and even superheroes armed with the powers of bad breath and dandruff.

There are rhymes about flying farm animals, extremely polite pirates and a newspaper especially for ghosts. And then there is the curious tale of Miss Winter’s demise in which the mystery of her spontaneous combustion is finally explained... Or is it?

“I have deliberately chosen not to limit myself to one particular theme as I believe readers can often become weary if the same topic is covered multiple times. I intend there to be something for everyone, no matter what the age and hope that the surreal content will help to fire readers’ imaginations,” explains Mr Minton of his debut book in which each poem concludes with a surprising twist or comic punchline.

He hopes that collection will provide readers with an escape.

He said: “Several recent periods of ill health have presented me with an opportunity to develop my comic verse. My work has been a source of much pleasure and has lifted my spirits when life was at its most challenging.

"I would love to think that it could act a beacon of hope for people whose lives have been impacted by mental health issues. It truly demonstrates that a lot of humour can still be found while in the darkest of places.”

Mr Minton is the deputy editor of a public sector magazine, who has written numerous non-fiction articles and contributed regularly to the Canadian satirical website, Sage News.

The collection of poems is priced at £6.99 and published by Troubador Publishing.