MP DAVID Davies has become embroiled in a row with a pro EU campaign group after an angry confrontation with a protestor outside the Houses of Parliament.

The Monmouth MP said he feared he was going to be hit and felt “physically threatened” when he clashed with campaigners from the group Stand of Defiance European Movement (SODEM) on Monday.

But members of SODEM said the MP “lost his temper” and accused Mr Davies of acting in a “churlish”, “undignified” and “aggressive manner.”

Mr Davies said the incident happened after members of the group campaigning to stop Brexit waved a flag “within inches of his face” as he walked past on College Green.

Mr Davies said he took hold of the flag to push it away from himself, when a member of the group became “aggressive and intimidating”.

He said: “I behaved in a defensive fashion after being surrounded and intimidated.

“I was worried I was going to be struck.

“If somebody comes up to you and puts their face in yours I take that as an aggressive action.

“It was a clear threat.”

Mr Davies flatly denied he behaved “aggressively” in any way, and said he was trying to protect himself from a possible “attack”.

The Monmouth MP said he will make a complaint about the “aggressive and threatening” behaviour of the group.

He also said he will now take precautions to film himself in the area to protect his personal safety and prevent “malicious allegations”.

But Barbara Want, a member of SODEM who witnessed the incident, said Mr Davies approached the group in an “aggressive” manner.

She said: “I am genuinely appalled by what happened.”

She claimed the MP “lost his temper”.

The campaign group SODEM posted on Twitter about the incident.

They tweeted: “We had an altercation with David Davies when one of our flags brushed the side of his hair.

“For some reason he has a problem with us waving the “union flag” and decided it was appropriate to voice this rather aggressively in public on the green.”

But the MP replied on Twitter: “You accosted me in the street, and surrounded me.

“You were aggressive and threatening.

“I am making a complaint about your behaviour and I will certainly film you whenever I have to pass you outside Westminster for my own protection.”

SODEM then responded by saying Mr Davies was welcome to film their “peaceful protest”.