TOY Story lovers everywhere will be brought back to their childhood if they visit Bedwellty House next week.

The historic venue is holding a unique afternoon tea theme based on all three Toy Story films. You can expect all your favourite characters and more, with a selection of delicious delights and tasty treats.

So, what better way for two fans of the films than going to check it out and try it for themselves. I went along for the afternoon and took the biggest Toy Story fan I know - my mum.

She might be 58-years-old but has lived through my own enjoyment of the first film when I was just five-years-old. She even bought me my own Woody - which she had to bring to the tea of course.

The afternoon tea features classic sandwiches suitable for children of all ages and adults as well. Some of the things to enjoy include a marshmallow space rocket and an alien themed delight.

The props in the venue make the whole thing come to life and you will enter the room to Andy’s bedroom wallpaper.

There are also quotes on the walls from some of the films favourite characters.

There’s something for everyone, including character props and even an activity where children under five can make their own Mr Potato Head biscuits and decorate them.

The staff are also very welcoming and are just as excited about the theme as the visitors. We were greeted with a choice or coffee when we arrived and before we could sit down our food arrived.

Each item has its own special theme which you can tell has been well thought through and even young children will enjoy the items on offer.

The tea my mum and I enjoyed may not be the final concept, as it is still a work in progress, with final tweaks to be made ahead of the launch on February 16.

But for the avid Toy Story fan, i.e. my mum, who couldn’t stop talking about the many ideas she had for the decor or the food, it was an exciting experience.

My mum Kath Rose said: “This is an ideal event to bring children of all ages to and any adult who has watched their children grow up during the course of the three Toy Story films.

“I thought the food was simple yet tasty and sums up the films main characters very well. A lot of thought has been put into this by staff.”

Compared to the usual themed teas out there, this will take you to infinity and beyond. It’s definitely a must try.

The Toy Story afternoon tea sessions start on February 16 and run daily during half term until February 25 and is priced at £18 per person. It will then be available on weekends at 12pm and 3pm until March 31.

The cost for children under five-years-old is £5 and they will be able to take part in craft activities and share the tea will a paying adult.

For more information or go book your place on the Toy Story tea, call Bedwellty House on 01495 353397.