‘MINI police officers’ were out on patrol in a Newport area this morning.

The group of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils from Ringland Primary are part of Gwent Police’s ‘Heddlu Bach’ mini police officer scheme – an engagement programme originally developed by Durham Police for children between the ages of nine and 11.

Earlier today, the students went out on patrol, as well as helping with a litter pick.

Gwent Police's Newport East inspector Sarah Davies said it was great to see the mini police officers on patrol.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for them to help make a difference within their community and to educate their fellow pupils in their schools,” Ms Davies added. “Feedback so far has been so positive by the schools and community.

“Days like today are rewarding in many ways.”

She said the scheme is about education while letting the community work together.

“We are investing in the next generation of children,” she continued. “The children go back and speak to their elder siblings and families.

There are quite a lot of things the mini police can get involved in, such as parking, fire safety or speeding, Ms Davies added.

Tylor Lewis was one of the mini police officers helping with the litter pick. The 10-year-old said: “Dropping litter is selfish.

“I like picking up the litter to improve the environment for everyone who lives here and for the animals.”

Shamiya Channing, a Year 5 student at Ringland primary, said it is nice to spend some time outside and keep fit and healthy.

She said the scheme makes the police look more approachable.

The students were also giving advice on fire safety. Social housing providers, including Newport City Homes, were in attendance.

Cllr Laura Lacey said they need to be seen cleaning up the area as, by doing so, it rubs off on other people.

“It is good to see people working together for the area – it is lovely,” Cllr Lacey continued. “These are the children who are the future of Ringland so it is important to have them here today.

"It gets them involved and to love their environment and community. It makes them have proud in their area.”

Richard Davies, of Cot Farm Circle, was one of the residents who attended the litter pick.

Mr Davies said: “Today will teach the kids that throwing rubbish is not the way ahead.

“It will also discourage the next generation from setting fires.”

Gwent Police launched ‘Heddlu Bach’ last October .Three schools from Newport were chosen to be the first to adopt the scheme, with 58 pupils from Millbrook Primary, Ringland Primary and Pill Primary taking part.