AN ENTREPRENEUR, who spotted a gap in the market in a Blaenau Gwent village, will be taking inspiration from a 70s sitcom convenience store with his new business venture.

David Williams will be opening ‘Williams of Aberbeeg’ on Monday, February 19, after he discovered there had been no such shop for 25 years in the village.

Originally from Watford, Mr Williams moved to south Wales initially part-time with his family - wife Christa, and children Jessica 10, Cameron seven and three-year-old Harley.

The 35-year-old was keen to take inspiration from BBC's Open All Hours, in the sense of a shop which serves a tight knit community.

“I want the shop to be like Arkwright’s – the one from Open All Hours - in a way,” said Mr Williams.

"A shop at the centre of the community where people feel at home when they stop in for a morning coffee, their paper and a quick chat.

“My aim to move away from the corporate mini-supermarkets and set up a shop which is part of the community it serves.”

Mr Willians has set up the shop after inheriting money following his father's death, and was stuck by the idea when asking where the nearest shop was.

"I was looking at a Facebook page called ‘Aberbeeg – past and present’ and people were trying to work out how long it has been since the people from the village have been travelling two miles to get something to eat," he said.

Some people said it was 10 years, others said it was 25 years and 40 years was even mentioned, but it appears that it is around 25 years.

Mr Williams and his wife will operate the store, but the plan is that before long, he will be able to take on an employee or two to help with the store.

"The plan will be to open to shop at 7am each morning, seven days a week. We have not set the closing time just yet but for the first few months, it will be my wife and I running the shop," he said.

Once we’ve worked out if the shop is financially viable, we would love to be in the position to take on one or two members of staff.