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A nationwide study conducted by Clarks Maple Syrup published today revealed that whether you “toss” or “turn” your pancakes may say more about your personality than you think.

Over half of Welsh people (52 percent), who regularly cook pancakes, choose to throw caution to the wind and flip their pancake in the air, rather than turn them carefully with a spatula (48 percent).

However, the study uncovered that those in Wales who flip their pancakes are more outgoing – with a sixth (16 percent) admitting that they “enjoy taking risks”, compared to just 4 percent of those who turn.

A further 16 percent of tossers admit they tend to “break the rules” on a regular basis.

Those who flip said they did so simply because it’s fun (60 percent), while 48 percent said it just isn’t Pancake Day unless you toss them in the air.

On the flip side, the main reason for preferring to turn a pancake was revealed as being that whilst flipping is fun, it’s messy in practice (39 percent), followed by not wanting to take a risk by dropping it (35 percent).

Bob Clark, founder of Clarks, said: “We know that Welsh people love pancakes, especially at this time of year, but that the nation is divided about whether it’s best to flip or turn them.

"We wanted to find out a bit more about this, and discover whether there is a link between personality type and pancake making method – and were flipping amazed that there does seem to be a correlation.”