PANCAKE Day only comes round once a year so here is your guide to making the perfect one.

Yesterday afternoon I was at Kaspa's in Newport, trying to find out what it takes to make a perfect pancake.

Senior manager, Zubi Ali, said the famous dessert house had brought out a unique pancake to coincide with Valentine's Day.

"Our Valentine pancake is very popular," he said. "It has not long been out for long.

"Everyone seems to love it."

The manager said it is quite straight-forward how to make pancakes.

He said: "We tend to make our pancakes in the usual fashion. The major difference with our Valentine's pancake is the batter is red - that is unusual.

"But it is important for the pancake batter to be flipped after 30 seconds. Do you leave it any longer because it will burn.

"Once the pancakes are made you add things that you like - like chocolate and strawberries. That is what we do with our Valentine's pancake."

Kaspa's Valentine's pancake is now available. It consists of warm chocolate sauce and strawberries on top of the pancake, with chocolate ice cream on the side.

Here is a general guide to making the perfect pancake.

Ingredients you will need include: two eggs, 90-100g plain flour, 250-300ml milk, a tsp of vegetable oil and a pinch of salt.

Method: You need to warm the pan and add a little oil, to stop the pancake batter from sticking.

Pour the batter onto the pan - if the temperature is correct it should sizzle.

Flip the batter after 30 seconds with a knife.

After another 30 seconds on the other side, turn onto a plate and enjoy with your own flavourings.