THE son of former Welsh Government minister Carl Sargeant, who was elected to succeed him in the Assembly last week, has paid tribute to his father in his maiden speech.

And Jack Sargeant, who was elected as Alyn and Deeside AM in a by-election last week, vowed to find the truth around the circumstances leading up to his father's death.

Former communities and children secretary Carl Sargeant died just four days after he lost his job in a cabinet reshuffle and was suspended from Welsh Labour following allegations of misconduct.

And in his maiden speech this afternoon Mr Sargeant paid tribute to his father.

"It is customary of course to pay tribute in your first statement to your predecessor," he said. "Not often though are those circumstances the same as I find myself in today, because not only am I paying tribute to someone who loved his constituency and who loved Wales and fought tirelessly especially for those who were less able to stand up for themselves, but I’m also paying tribute to the man I knew as dad.

"The man I loved going for a pint with. The man who helped me with my exams. The man who stood by my side proud as anything when I graduated. The man who was the glue that held our family together.

"But also the man who showed me that being the right sort of politician was not something you did in the Assembly chamber, but something you did in every interaction with every person no matter who they were so that they knew that they mattered and that their issues and concerns were being listened to and understood."

And he vowed to find the truth around the circumstances surrounding his father's death.

"The by-election was one which no-one wanted to see," he said.

"I know I am not the only person in this chamber who wants justice for my father.

"I know from the campaign we have just conducted that this feeling is also shared by my constituents in Alyn and Deeside.

"Alongside my political work in this chamber I will also be working to ensure that the inquiries underway will examine the way in which my dad was treated in the run up to his death.

"I owe my family, my constituents, my friends and my father no less."

His speech was met with a standing ovation from AMs of all parties.