MOTORISTS are facing lengthy delays around Newport as roundabout works continue at M4 Junction 28.

There is currently stop start traffic along Cardiff Road, Lighthouse Road and the A48 leading up to the Tredegar Park roundabout.

Readers caught up in the traffic have been in touch this morning.

Rebecca Boots is one of them, and she called the situation "absolute chaos".

Ms Boots, who travels from Malpas Road to Imperial Park everyday, said: "This morning we sat through nine changes of traffic lights coming off the M4 Westbound down onto the roundabout due to the traffic backing up from the docks road and inconsiderate drivers not leaving the entrance onto the roundabout clear.

"It is taking around an hour currently to do a nine minute journey home."

South Wales Argus:

Stewart Palmer of Sticky Ink Studios in Newport got on his regular bus  from Cardiff at 8.10am today and still hasn't made it to work.

He made it to Junction 28 at around 9.15am, and it has taken from then until 10.17am to reach Tredegar Park Roundabout.

Aimee Hibberd, of Sticky Ink Studios, said: "As a business with only the two of us this is greatly affecting our company on a daily basis."

South Wales Argus:

One driver reported that it took him 20 minutes to travel from the traffic lights at the bottom of Gaer hill, Newport - at the junction with Cardiff Road - to the Bideford Road junction, a distance of 200 metres.

And Carolyn Jones told the Argus she left Cardiff at 8.10am to travel to work in Newport.

By 9.55am she was by the Statistics Office in Newport, still trying to complete her journey.

"The new road layout is not working. This cannot continue. It’s a terrible advert for Newport," she added.

South Wales Argus:

South Wales Argus:

Chelsea Merrett said that motorists are "starting to park on the bank of the SDR road and (are) walking to work."

"I live 10mins away from the Office for National Statistics by car. I have been stuck in traffic for over an hour," she said.

"This is everyday Monday to Friday. I'm not leaving work till late evening as I have to work my hours back."

Joe Wightman, meanwhile, said it has taken over an hour to travel quarter of a mile from Junction 28 to the Pont Ebbw roundabout outside the Office for National Statistics.

And Rich Parkinson added he has been on the A48 for an hour and knows people who have been on Forge Lane for an hour.

South Wales Argus:

Debra Davies said it had taken her two hours to get from Risca to the Office for National Statistics.

"It's absolutely ridiculous that commuters need to face this daily," she said.

Costain, the contractors for the massive project, say it is on target to be completed by the end of the summer.

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South Wales Argus:

These are the area currently affected (Picture: AA Traffic)