RSPCA Cymru is issuing a warning of the dangers of litter after a duck was found with a plastic ring stuck around his head and beak in Abertillery.

Tragically the hybrid duck, who was spotted at a lake by Cwmcelyn Road, Blaina, was so severely injured he was put to sleep at the scene to prevent further suffering.

RSPCA Cymru received a call on Tuesday February 6 by a concerned member of the public who had seen the duck with a plastic ring trapped in his bill and around the back of his head.

“This poor duck would have sadly starved to death and would have experienced painful suffering for a long period of time if we hadn’t intervened," said RSPCA inspector Simon Evans.

“The plastic ring looked like it could have been the safety ring from the top of an oil can, it was completely around the duck’s head and stuck in his beak. It must have been extremely painful.

Mr Evans added: “It’s really shocking and sad to see wildlife suffer in this way, when it could have been easily preventable. This is why we always ask people to please dispose of their waste responsibly.”

The RSPCA receives thousands of calls each year due to litter, with wildlife being the main victim in such situations - wild birds in particular.

The charity says that everyday objects can become hazards, but protecting animals from harmful rubbish is easy – dispose of your rubbish responsibly.

A spokesman said: "Fishing litter, such as hooks, weights and lines, can cause injury and death to wildlife, by embedding or piercing skin, being swallowed, becoming wrapped around an animal, or entangling wildlife which can lead to starvation."

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