IT’S a worrying time for the British Steel industry, especially in places like Gwent.

Time and again this government attempts to assure us that the USA is going to be our great trading partner once we leave the EU.

The truth is that President Trump wants to impose high tariffs on UK exports, and that means whopping extra charges on steel. This threatens thousands of British jobs.

It’s a measure that could also see even more steel being dumped on UK markets from other producers no longer able to export to America. With this industry being an important employer in our region, we need strong trade defence measures.

Labour would stand up for British industry, defend British jobs and challenge unfair practices wherever they occur.

In Parliament I’ve been working as part of the bill committee sifting through government legislation around money laundering and sanctions. It’s an important part of Brexit in that it sets the rules to try to squeeze down on scandals like the Panama Papers.

As it stands, we have Russian kleptocrats crowing about how easy it is to abuse Britain’s systems for their own game. That isn’t right, and we need a system where crooked billionaires can’t get away with these abuses.

As part of my public health work, I asked the government to consider a sales ban on energy drinks to under-16s after several supermarkets have taken this step. I’m glad the government have said they would be taking a closer look at this.

These drinks are chocked full of caffeine and sugar, and it’s not that good for any of us – let alone young people.

We’ve already seen action taken from the government for the likes of the sugar tax. They should follow through and really consider making a stronger statement here. They’ve shown cold feet over the years when it comes to stepping in, regularly hoping business will do the hard work for them. It’s time to make a public health move that could benefit us for years to come.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to say a massive thank you for everyone who’s supported my marathon fundraising so far.

We’ve broken our target for fundraising for the Hospice of the Valleys, but that’ll only spur me on to train that bit harder.

You can donate to this good cause and learn more at