COMPLAINTS of houses “shaking” have been raised by Newport residents over large trucks using their streets as the main route to a construction site.

Contractors are using residential streets in Shaftesbury to access the old Sainsbury's site, where demolition work began last month.

The Bristol-based Fear Group are developing the site in an ambitious £60 million project, which, as previously reported, includes plans for student accommodation, a hotel and residential homes.

South Wales Argus:

Trucks travelling to and from the old Sainsbury's site in Shaftesbury (Picture:

But Network Rail are currently undertaking planned works on the nearby A4042, which has narrowed the road, with a maximum width restriction of 9ft, forcing contractors Wye Valley Demolition to use other routes.

Kay Gardner, aged 64, of Hoskins Street, described their trucks as a “menace”, causing exessive noise and vibrations for homeowners. 

“A lot of them do go quite fast," she said. "Why do they do that? It’s only a little side street.

Kayleigh Holloway, of Pugsley Street, lives opposite the site. She described her house as “shaking” due to the situation.

Anpther Hoskins Street resident, meanwhile, who preferred to remain anonymous, added: “When I’m sitting on the floor I can feel the vibrations. The house is shaking.”

Leon Fear, of Fear Group, said Wye Valley Demolition have a “very tight window” to finish works on part of the building’s roof - to the end of March - under conditions of a bat licence issued by Newport City Council planners.

"Because of that we have had to make a start and use side roads to get access in and out," he said.

“There has been a meeting with Newport council and our contractors and they’re trying to resolve it but at the moment, we can’t get access down the main road.

"We’re hoping it can be resolved quickly. It is far from satisfactory. The alternative is that the work stops and everything is on hold.”

A notice issued by Newport City Council states works on the A4042 are expected to continue until March 23.

A council spokeswoman added: “Network Rail is lawfully carrying out scheduled work on Malpas Road and the lane closure has to remain in place until the work is finished.

“It is up to the developers on the former Sainsbury site to plan how the demolition work goes ahead.

“Whatever road the contractors use to access the site they still need to ensure their drivers drive responsibly and with due care and consideration for other road users and local residents.”

The Fear Group bought the Sainsbury's site six years ago, but faced several setbacks, including over the bat survey, as well as vandalism, and a fire, which also saw them consider abandoning the project.

A spokesman for Wye Valley Demolition said: "Due to Network Rail’s restrictions in place on the main thoroughfare past the former Sainsbury’s site, all the stakeholders including Newport City Council Highways Department met and agreed a temporary traffic management plan accessing the site from Wyndham St utilising a former access route. This temporary traffic management includes the monitoring of restrictions including speed.

The site has been vacant for a long time causing the neighbourhood many concerns.  All the stakeholders agreed it was vital for the works to commence and put an end to further stress and concerns to the local neighbourhood.

"We apologise for the short term inconvenience caused and would like to thank all those that are working with us to facilitate this phase of the works. The majority of heavy traffic movements will be completed by the end of this week with a much reduced usage until the end of April."