A KIND-HEARTED student and his friends came to the aid of a woman whose car was buried under snow - on their day off.

Joel Harris, 15, had been given the day off at King Henry VIII School in Abergavenny due to the snow when he put his time to good uses.

Seeing a woman needing help to clear her car in Llanelly Hill, Brynmawr, Joel with two other friends offered to help out.

Using a broken snow shovel, the three friends dug the car out from the snow in freezing temperatures - and with Joel wearing just his school uniform.

They then also cleared the woman's snow-covered pathway.

Joel said: "We used a snow shovel but it was a broken one so it took extra long. It probably took between 30 minutes and an hour."

Afterwards, the woman offered the group a reward.

Joel added: "She thanked us and said come back for a reward but we said we just did it for a kind thing.

"She needed help."