TRAVELLERS are currently being moved on from a site in Newport.

Gwent Police officers were at the scene on Philip Street, Maindee, where caravans were being removed from disused private land. 

A bailiff was on the site and said that the travellers were being evicted under common law.

Although there was serious traffic disruption during the eviction, the scene was calm as the travellers were moved on.

One resident said that the travellers had illegally moved onto the land about three weeks ago.

"They turned up on a Sunday," the resident said.

"They have been pretty good and quiet. Before they came people would start fires there and the place was full of needles."

The caravans were parked on the side of the road but it caused disruption and they were removed with vans and vans.

The resident added: "We were told that the bailiff would leave the caravans on the street, because they owner just wanted them off his land, and we were worried they would be left there. But they have taken them away."