ORGANISERS of the Abergavenny Food Festival have applied for a £25,000 loan from the local authority after coming into financial difficulties.

The festival was forced to cancel its Christmas market on December 10 after heavy snowfall posed a risk to public safety.

Together with its regular festival in September, the two events attract thousands of visitors to Abergavenny each year and generates £4 million for the local economy.

Famous chefs such as Hugh Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Tom Parker Bowles have previously appeared at the festival.

And as the event prepares to celebrate its 20th year, the organisation are seeking the one-off loan to cover the cancellation costs and restructure its finances.

The loan would be interest-free and would be paid back to Monmouthshire County Council over a four-year period.

A Monmouthshire County Council report said that providing the one-off loan would recognise an organisation that is "working to make Abergavenny a better place".

"The festival has also had a big impact in determining Monmouthshire’s reputation as the ‘Food Capital of Wales’," it adds.

A decision on the loan will be made by the council's deputy leader, Cllr Bob Greenland, this Wednesday.