THREE brothers are trying to raise funds for the funeral of their “caring and protective” mum after she died from cancer.

Sharon Lee died on Wednesday, March 7 at 7pm in St David’s Hospice Care after a large tumour in her lung spread to her brain and then down her spine and bones, leaving her paralysed on the right side of her body.

Ms Lee’s son, Paul, said her mum, 53, hadn’t planned for a funeral and they don’t have money to pay for one.

The 19-year-old said they have never met their dads, so it has always been the four of them.

He added: “My mum never left anything behind because she didn’t think she needed a funeral plan. She didn’t know she had cancer, it took us all by surprise.

“None of us has money, but we don’t want to have to bury her with other people.

“The most basic funeral costs £3,000 and you go straight to the crematorium, where you have a small service. That is what we are trying to raise money for.”

Mr Lee, from the Baneswell area of Newport, said his mum started having problems with her right arm back in November, but the doctor said it was due to a mild stroke.

She was still able to get around until February, he added, when she became paralysed down the right side of her body and was diagnosed with cancer.

She was in hospital for a week, before being taken to the hospice, Mr Lee said.

Mr Lee, a police cadet, said himself and his 18-year-old brother Peter, are managing to cope, but his 13-year-old brother Leeroy is finding it harder.

He said his mum helped many people over the years. She was a full-time mum and also volunteered in King’s Church, in Lower Dock Street. Mr Lee continued: “She was a caring and protective mum. Towards the end, she became really funny.”

In their page, which has raised £485 so far, it says: "Our mum has helped us so much and helped develop us into the three young boys you see before you. She has always been there no matter what and she is so greatly missed by all of us.”

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