THE Welsh Labour government has launched two new initiatives to help more people buy their own homes.

It is such a vital issue in the United Kingdom today.

The increasingly difficulties for people to have a home of their own are impacting on all communities.

The Your Home in Wales website will provide people with information on the Rent to Own – Wales and Shared Ownership Wales – schemes and help them get on the housing ladder.

Rent to Own – Wales will help those who can afford monthly payments but are not able to save enough for a mortgage deposit.

Shared Ownership – Wales will help those who have access to a small deposit and are able to get a mortgage on a proportion of the value of the property.

The schemes are not just available to first time buyers but eligibility criteria apply, including a requirement for applicants to have a combined annual household income of £60,000 or less.

I was elected on a Welsh Labour manifesto in 2016 to commit to building 20,000 affordable homes by 2021.

We are headed in the right direction.

Wherever you look around Wales you will see state of the art primary and secondary schools being built.

This wonderful new building work is part of the Welsh Labour government’s 21st Century Schools and Education programme.

I was delighted with the announcement that the Welsh Government are committing a further £100 million to invest over the next three years.

An extra £75 million has been allocated to the 21st Century Schools and Education Programme.

In addition, £30 million will be released from the programme in future years for immediate investment in capital projects that will contribute to the goal of reaching a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

I’ve seen with my own eyes the dramatic difference that the new Islwyn High is making to children’s lives and their aspirations.

Wales rightly has been known down the decades as a country that prided itself on its educational achievements in giving opportunities for children to shine irrespective of the economic fortunes of their parents.

It is only right that we renew that promise by building schools that are cathedrals of learning.

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