A QUICK-THINKING Newport toddler has been praised for her actions after phoning for help when her heavily pregnant mum collapsed at home.

Heroes do not get much younger than two-year-old Myah Powell, who used her mum’s phone to contact her gran during the incident.

Mum Katie-Marie Porter, who is eight months pregnant, was at home in Frome Drive, Bettws, last week when she became unwell.

Miss Porter said: “I have been having blackouts during my pregnancy. My iron and blood counts are very low, and doctors believe I may have anaemia.

“On Monday, my partner Kirk was out doing shopping when my head started to spin.”

And with that, the 27-year-old collapsed onto the bedroom floor.

Fortunately, little Myah was savvy enough to think to use the Facetime app on the mobile to call for help.

Her dad, Kirk Powell, said: “Myah has learnt how to Facetime her gran by watching us. She had called her grandmother on the app and was shouting that mummy was on the floor.

“I then had a phone call from my mother-in-law.”

He added: “I rushed home and took her [Miss Porter] straight to the hospital. She was kept in for three days to check on the baby.”

The couple have since been told all is fine following the incident.

Miss Porter said: “Had I hit my head or landed on my stomach it could have been much worse, but Myah wasn’t to know that. It is amazing she thought to call for help. As far as I am concerned she saved me and the baby.”

Both Myah’s parents are now encouraging others to train their children to use mobile apps in the event of a similar emergency.

“It might save someone else in the future,” Miss Porter added.