EVACUEES were taken on a trip down memory lane when they visited a primary school.

Sidoni Herbert and Martin Conway visited pupils from Risca Primary School who launched their a special animated film which is based on the memories of three original evacuees.

The performance also featured a song written about evacuation by Helen Rees-Smith to Ed Sheeran's Castle on the Hill, re-named Twmbarlwm on the Hill.

Ed Sheeran gave permission for the school to use his music with Mrs Rees-Smiths lyrics and wished them all the best.

Mrs Herbert, Mr Conway and Albert Langford were all evacuated to the Risca area when war broke out. Mrs Herbert moved back to her home town of Chatham, only to return a few years later when she was adopted by the family who had offered her a temporary wartime home.

The young film makers, and their class teachers Helen Rees-Smith and Laurie Bishop, have been working with Newport-based animation company, Winding Snake, and scriptwriter Nigel Crowle.

Mrs Herbert said she thought it was a wonderful experience for the children to bring the history to life.

Mr Conway said: “I am overwhelmed to hear my words come to life in an animation. It has brought back wonderful memories of my time in Wales”.

One of the pupils who helped created the animated film said “It has been an amazing experience to learn about the local evacuees and then meet them today.”.

The visit also allowed Mr Conway the opportunity to see Alun Booth, who has remained his best friend since they first met during the 1940s evacuation process.

The animated film ‘Vaccies’ also included a live action sequence which featured the pupils themselves in 40s period dress. These modern day evacuees then marched through Risca town to recreate the actual evacuation process, which had taken place in St Margaret’s Church Hall, Risca.

This was the first time Mr Conway had been back to Wales for over 50 years.