A FEUD between two men and staff at a kebab shop resulted in a fight which landed four men in court.

Four men appeared in Cardiff Crown Court this morning in relation to a fight in Cwm in April 2017. 

Prosecuting, David Pinnell said there was a history of ill feelings between two Turkish men - Musa Tunc and Tanju Tunc - and Thomas Dobbs and Connor Jones dating as far back as two years, with both sides complaining about the other’s behaviour.

The court heard the fight happened outside Kebab House in Marine Street, in Cwm, a shop which is run by the Tunc family, Mr Pinnell added.

“Police were called as a result of the incident,” Mr Pinnell added. “When they attended, they were able to see Jones and Dobbs had suffered injuries in the course of the incident. 

“Jones had received a wound to his hand and to the top of his shoulder.  

“Dobbs received an injury to the inner of his arm.” 

Mr Pinnell said a kitchen instrument of some sort was able of causing injuries of this kind. 

He added that, in police interview, all four men said they were acting in self-defence.  

Hashim Salman, speaking for Jones, said the 22-year-old "sustained a nasty slash wound to his palm".  

Rod Smith, speaking for Dobbs, said the 21-year-old "flipped" when verbal abuse from the Turkish men targeted his mother.   

Stephen Thomas, speaking in the defence of Tanju Tunc, said the 31-year-old is a hard-working man.  

Nigel Fryer, speaking in the defence of Musa Tunc, said the 33-year-old is of previous good character and has apologised for losing his temper.   

Recorder Greg Bull QC told the four men: “The message from this court is that this nonsense has to stop - there has to be peace in the streets of Ebbw Vale.

“Stay away from each other.”

Sentencing them, Mr Bull described Dobbs as "bouncing about like a gorilla" during the incident.

“You should have walked away,” he said. “Next time, unless you walk away, you will go to prison.”  

Mr Bull said he has "no sympathy" for their injuries. 

Dobbs, of Curre Street, in Ebbw Vale, and Musa Tunc, of Marine Street, also in Ebbw Vale, had pleaded guilty to affray and received a sentence of eight months in prison suspended for two years, together with a £1,000 fine and £900 costs. 

Jones, of Curre Street, in Ebbw Vale, and Tanju Tunc, of Marine Street, also in Ebbw Vale, had pleaded guilty to a section four public order offence. 

Jones was sentenced to three months in prison, suspended for two years, and Tanju Tung was sentenced to four months in prison, suspended for two years. They were both ordered to pay a £500 fine and £500 costs.