A COMMUNITY litter picker has expressed his anger after an car park which was cleared of rubbish has once again been littered.

Ron Ford, 67, from Griffithstown was part of the community spring clean at Pontypool Park on March 24. Less than a month on he has expressed his anger about the amount of rubbish that is once again in the car park.

Mr Ford said: “Litter dropping makes me angry. In the night time people come and meet in the car park. A nearby car park has been locked off and so people come here and eat. It’s mainly take-away rubbish.

"It attracts rats and wildlife. I often find dead mice and voles inside cans and bottles."

“They are in the minority and they have to stop it. We have the Afon Lwyd in the park and the litter will end there then get washed out to sea.

"If we don’t get grips with it then it will ruin tourism and ruin businesses in the area because lot of visitors using this car park."

He added that there needs to be greater enforcement of littering in the area.

Torfaen’s Executive Member for Neighbourhood Services, Cllr Fiona Cross said: "Whatever the offence, enforcement is almost always unpopular, particularly with those who are fined or connected to residents receiving fines, but handing out fines will act as a deterrent and does need to be used as part of a wider strategy to tackle this ongoing problem.

"Unfortunately, being in the right place at the right time to catch perpetrators is particularly difficult and labour intensive and I understand it is also difficult for the public to confront litter louts.

"However, this is council money which would be better spent improving services and not picking up other people’s mess."

The councillor, who has been involved in community litter picking events, added: "I agree wholeheartedly with Ron. He is a community hero and it must be demoralising for residents who see their hard work eradicated by the thoughtless actions of a few people.

"There are ample bins, so there is no excuse for the littering in the park, the vast majority of which appear to be fast food packaging dropped out of car windows late at night. It is just sheer laziness and these people have a complete disregard for the community in which they live.

"This particular issue is disappointing because hundreds of volunteers hours have been given to help litter pick in the park during the Spring Clean. These hours have been given because people are passionate about the park and don’t want to see waste strewn all over the park and blowing into the river."

Mr Ford also feels that everyone has a part to play in improving the environment.

He said: “If we had enough people out there picking up one piece of litter every day then that would send out the right message."