The Umbrella Project on Church Road in Maindee offers vintage and handmade furniture.

Q) How would you describe your business?

A) We are a family business - eco concious, selling revamped vintage and handmade furniture. Our handmade range is made ‘in house’ using sustainable, reclaimed and locally sourced wood. We also stock a range of vintage, fair-trade and contemporary homewares and Chalkpaint™.

Q)What made you decide to set your business up in Newport? A) I choose Newport to set up business as I live in the borough just a 10 minute drive from the shop.

Q) What is the best bit about your business? A) I enjoy the process of finding a piece of unloved furniture and injecting life back into it. I am able to work on pieces at the shop - customers are always interested to learn about the methods and products that I use. I get to meet a lot of like-minded people.

Q) Do you think there are more independents coming to Newport that are thriving? If so, why?

A) I believe Independents are thriving as people strive to own something out of the ordinary and demand good service. We often offer a unique shopping experience.

Q) What is it that makes your business stand out ?

A) We are the only Stockist of Annie Sloan Chalkpaint™ and products in Newport. We offer vintage furniture for sale that has been given a modern twist and offer a furniture painting service. I use Chalkpaint™ everyday on the pieces that I work on - therefore I am able to offer advice to customers on the products they purchase from me. We also run workshops to share that knowledge and to build confidence in the use of Chalkpaint™. The thing that makes us truly unique is our bespoke furniture making service.