FRESH calls for action have been made to tackle traffic issues on one of Monmouthshire’s “busiest” main roads.

A study into speeding and traffic levels on the B4245 has been ordered by the local authority’s highways department following an “escalation” in complaints from residents and councillors.

The road, which connects Caldicot, Rogiet, Undy and Magor, was last surveyed by the council in 2012 and is often monitored by road safety watchdog GoSafe together with Gwent Police.

Concerns had been raised previously about heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) using the road as a shortcut to industrial estates in Caldicot, as opposed to the A48.

And Undy resident Michael Russon told a meeting of the Severnside area committee on Monday that more urgent work needed to be done.

“I’ve lived here since before Rockfield Grove housing estate was built. It used to be a fairly quiet road,” said Mr Russon..

“Now I can sometimes feel my bungalow shaking. The road itself is fractured in places, so was it built to support HGVs in the first place?”

During a six-day period, Mr Russon recorded the number of vehicles – including HGVs and light goods vehicles (LGVs) – passing his home in six-minute intervals at various times of day.

The highest number of recorded vehicle movements – 154 – was recorded on April 16 after 5pm, while the largest number of HGV movements – 12 – was recorded on the same day at around 8.45am.

The highest number of LGVs – 15 – passed Mr Russon’s home at around 3.15pm on April 12.

Mr Russon also referenced a GoSafe study from 2016 which showed 85,246 vehicle movements over a continuous six-day period between 0.01am on October 20 and 11.59pm on October 26.

In total, 23,016 vehicles – 27 per cent – were found to be exceeding the 30mph limit, but Mr Russon had been told that police had prioritised speed monitoring elsewhere.

“Gwent Police say there are other roads of more interest to them, which I find disgusting and outrageous,” he said.

Magor councillor Frances Taylor, member for The Mill, added: “I haven’t seen a GoSafe van in Magor for well over 12 months.”

Roger Hoggins, head of highways, said the B4245 had moved up the “long list of priorities” for the department but added: “Each road has different issues and different solutions.”