STORYTELLING with brutal honesty.

My Family: Not the Sitcom was created when David Baddiel felt the glowing tributes to his dead mother weren’t quite the truth.

His response is a show that is a remarkable tribute to Sarah that primarily focuses on her affair, and how Baddiel dealt with that while she was alive and after her death.

It also touches upon dementia and his father Colin, making for a candid couple of hours at St David’s Hall in Cardiff.

Such openness, discussing his mother’s sex life in theatres up and down the land, would have some questioning whether Baddiel is going too far with the show, but this is his story.

They are his boundaries to set and he is quite content to deliver his mum’s erotic poetry, with its galling grammatical flaws, on stage for laughs.

And it is the honesty that makes it such a compelling show; the yarns will be the same whether delivered in Carlisle or Kent but one imagines it’s impossible to just go through the motions when delivering such personal, revealing things.

That helped make it an engaging and intimate performance, which is remarkable give the success of the show with its lengthy West End stint and comprehensive tour.

The show is touching, emotional, compelling and fantastic but not only that, it will be something that Baddiel himself will look back on with great pride in years to come because the content is so important to him.