ANYONE who has delved into the world of Amateur Dramatics knows very quickly that things can go wrong and usually do.

This production is Am Dram on steroids and when things go wrong they do so spectacularly.

The Play – Murder at Haversham Manor – is being staged by the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society whose track record for the theatre is unveiled before the production formally gets under way. 

And it is downhill from then on.

If you can imagine any disaster on stage this production magnifies it but it is incredibly funny from the start. 

As the audience are taking their seats the chaos begins as the stage team search for a missing dog in the audience.

This is very much an ensemble performance and it is almost impossible to pick out individuals for special praise with every member of the cast contributing to the mayhem which develops. 

Starting with a door which will not close to the climax where position is essential to avoid injury the production speeds from one disaster to another and from one laugh to another.

Timing is everything in this performance and some of the funniest moments come as the cast members try to cover up the many mistakes with sets, props and unconscious players.

Even the programme notes set the scene for what is to follow.

Undoubtedly one of the funniest plays on tour in the UK at present this production will make you laugh out loud and keep laughing.

Malcolm Rees