A CAFE in Abergavenny is helping to raise awareness about strokes and offering support to survivors.

Emmeline’s Tea Room in Baker Street has become home to one of the Stroke Association's aphasia cafes and is taking part in the charity's Make May Purple awareness campaign.

Stroke can sometimes cause difficulties with speech and language – a condition known as aphasia.

This can mean ordering a cup of coffee in a café can be a stressful experience for a stroke survivor.

But the warm welcome at Emmiline’s Tea Room means that it’s become home to one of the Stroke Association’s aphasia cafes.

Emmeline Vieregge, from the tea rooms, said: "It’s just about being patient, smiling and making people feel relaxed and not uncomfortable or embarrassed.

"I know sometimes the stroke survivors have been treated as though they’re not intelligent – but they’re no different to everyone else. "

A group which meets at the café every Thursday is part of Monmouthshire’s Phoenix Project, run by the Stroke Association.

The project helps stroke survivors with aphasia regain their independence with the support of others affected by stroke.

Heidi Matthews, one of the volunteers, said: "We use apps if anyone is finding speech really difficult. Everyone is different, so we adapt to what they need."

All customers visiting the tea room are being invited to donate to the Stroke Association in May.

To find out more about Make May Purple visit stroke.org.uk/makemaypurple.