SCORES of people enjoyed themselves at a family fun day at the Newport Transporter Bridge yesterday.

People from across Gwent flocked to the site on what was the hottest early May bank holiday Monday on record.

A variety of activities were put on, including the opportunity to walk across the top of the bridge and learning about the site’s history.

Secretary of the The Friends of Newport Transporter Bridge David Hando said the day had been “lovely”.

“We could not have asked for better weather,” he said.

“We have lots of things going on here. We have Charles Ferris from Newport Ship talking about the chartists, and have lots of items and souvenirs that people can get.

“Climbing over the bridge is popular with people.

“Once you have made it to the other side, you can walk back again or decide to take the gondola.

“It has been lovely to see people come here.”

Cllr Charles Ferris was also in attendance and had a variety of Chartist memorabilia.

“I am here at the invitation of Friends of Newport Transporter Bridge,” he said.

“I am here for people to learn more about the bridge and the chartists.

“I have posters and coins - including ones with John Frost locked up in prison - to raise money for the chartist festival later in the year.”

He added: “We have had quite a lot of people come along.”

Maesglas resident Garth Powell said it had been a “glorious day”.

“We wanted to come along because we had not been here for a long time,” he said.

“Everything has been great and I have learnt a lot of information on the Tuesday, May 8, 2018 3 NEWS IN BRIEF bridge. The weather could not have been any better.”

Maesglas resident Joan Price, who lives near Cardiff Road, walked over the top of the bridge to see the “stunning views” of the city.

“I have not done it for years,” said the 42-year-old.

“Because of the good weather I knew that if I did not walk to the top I would have missed out on the beautiful scenes of Newport.

“The key to getting up to the top is not to look down.”

And Newport resident Don Stacey added: “My grandson and I are going to walk to the top.

“We are nervous but we can do it.”