A COUPLE whose five-day-baby died in hospital earlier this year have spoken of their devastation for the first time .

Amber Lewis was just five-days-old when she died after contracting Group B Strep (GBS) at the University of Wales Hospital.

GBS is a type of bacteria that can cause infections.

Parents Richard Lewis, from Caerphilly county borough, and Gabby Urrutia, from Allt-yr-un, Newport, have called it the worst day of their lives.

“We do not want anyone to go through what we have,” said Miss Urrutia.

After being admitted to hospital on December 28, the parents-to-be were told that baby Amber had to be delivered quickly because she was in “serious danger”.

Miss Urrutia said it came as a complete shock.

“There was nothing to say there was something seriously wrong during the pregnancy,” she added.”

In a desperate bid to increase her oxygen levels, doctors performed 11 minutes of chest compressions on Amber.

Miss Urrutia, who now lives in Cardiff, said: “We were told she had GBS. We had no idea what it was.

“For her five days she was trying to fight off the infection but she went into complete organ failure as the infection took hold of all her major organs. She had brain damage after not breathing for 11 minutes. 

“We made the decision that it was cruel to keep her on the machines - she was not breathing for herself.

“She could have passed away on the machines but we wanted to hold her and be with her when she did.”

Amber died on January 2.

Her parents are now arranging a series of events to raise awareness of the condition.

Mr Lewis said: “If we had known about GBS before labour all it would of taken for Amber to be OK was antibiotics during labour. Babies catch it through the birth canal.

“We want to spread the word so as many people as possible are made aware of what could happen.

“People need to be tested for it.

“We have arranged a 10-hour cycle at Pure Gym in Newport for people to come along and donate money for the GBS charity.”

He added: “We have a few events coming up.”

People are welcome to attend the cycling event on Saturday. 

It takes place from 8am to 6pm.