TWO friends had an alternative to the royal wedding, they watched paint dry yesterday.

Beth Williams-Jones and Gwen Goddard painted an outside wall and then sat and watched the paint dry while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in Windsor.

They watched the paint while the wedding was taking place to raise money for the homeless charity Glass Door.

Ms Williams-Jones, who lives in Cwmbran, said: “We decided to paint the wall and then watch the paint dry because it just looked a mess and there was nothing good on TV. 

“We happened to be raising money for a homeless shelter in West London, and so lots of people donated money to watch us watch paint dry on a Facebook live stream.

South Wales Argus:

“I also enjoy dressing up, and I think it’s great fun to walk around in a tiara and a white dress whenever I feel like it, so that just happens to be what I wore yesterday.”

The friends painted an outside wall and then in dresses they sat on chairs and watched the paint dry.

“It was specifically to raise money for a charity based near Windsor,” Ms Williams-Jones added, “where the homeless have for some reason had their sleeping bags taken from them this weekend.”

The pair, who have been friends since they were infants, were able to raise more than £500 for the charity. You can donate to their cause by visiting