A TRANSGENDER man on an "inappropriate amount of testorsterone" was jailed today for brutally attacking his ex-lover's new boyfriend.

Jesse Hawthorne, 26, attacked his victim with a brick and a broken beer bottle after turning up drunk at his ex-girlfriend's house.

A court heard Hawthorne - who was born Jessica - lashed out because he could not accept former girlfriend Emma Dickinson's new relationship with army veteran Ashley Cook.

And his defence barrister blamed an "inappropriate amount of testosterone at the time, while he was transitioning" for causing the raging hormones.

He had walked past the home of Miss Dickinson, 32, when he saw love rival Mr Cook through her bedroom window.

Prosecutor Julian Greenwood said: "Hawthorne launched two cans of lager in the direction of the bedroom window which smashed the window.

"The objective was to provoke Mr Cook and indicate that he, Hawthorne, was present outside.

"Mr Cook opened the door and was assaulted by the delivery of a brick which made contact with his face.

"Hawthorne picked up a glass bottle that was shattered and assaulted Mr Cook during the course of a scuffle which went far beyond any suggestion of self defence."

Miss Dickinson rushed to her new boyfriend's aid while he struggled with his attacker, and she managed to get her arm around Hawthorne's neck and strangle him.

Mr Cook was left with blood running down his face, with a gash to his forearm, his forehead, and the back of his head.

He said in a victim impact statement he had left the armed forces seven years ago having served in Bosnia, and the attack had triggered his post traumatic disorder syndrome.

Hawthorne was arrested near the attack in Churchill Park, Caerphilly, on Boxing Day last year and later pleaded guilty to wounding with intent.

He appeared at Cardiff Crown Court via video link from female prison Eastwood Park in Gloucestershire, despite Hawthorne identifying and transitioning to a man.

Sarah Walters, defending, said Hawthorne had been on too much testosterone during the attack as part of his transition from being a woman.

She said: "He was on an inappropriate amount of testosterone at the time while he was transitioning.

"He accepts he went past the address of Miss Dickinson but not in terms of wanting to assault Mr Cook.

"Mr Cook was not anticipated to be there that night. His presence was completely unarranged."

Miss Walters said Hawthorne's issues with his biological gender had led to him abusing drink and drugs from a young age, and had stopped going to school because he was made to wear a girl's uniform.

She said Hawthorne had been on remand at the female prison for around five months, which had "not been easy" for him due to his transition.

Her Honour Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said Hawthorne had experienced "difficulties" relating to gender, but said it could not excuse the "serious assault".

The judge added: "I acknowledge the difficulties you've experienced in your life.

"But that cannot excuse your actions that night. This was a very serious assault."

Hawthorne, from Caerphilly, was jailed for two years and five months.

He was also given restraining orders against Miss Dickinson and Mr Cook.