A MOTION has been submitted to Newport City Council to reopen two public toilets in Caerleon.

The toilets, one on High Street and the other near the Roman amphitheatre, were closed by the council along with four others in Newport, were cut as part of the council's 2018/19 budget and the closure was expected to save £20,000.

But the move was met with anger by Caerleon residents, who called the idea "disgusting" and "unbelievable".

Now, Caerleon councillor Joan Watkins (Conservative), has tabled a motion to reopen the two Caerleon toilets.

Cllr Joan Watkins said “I voted against the budget that closed the toilets back in February.

"I think it was a disgraceful decision and as such, I have submitted a motion asking that they are reopened.

"The cost saving was only £20,000 but this money could be found elsewhere.

"For example, the Council could cut one elected cabinet member as they are currently running with one more than under the last Conservative led Council between 2008 to 2012.

"The money saved by cutting one Cabinet Member could be used to reopen the public toilets in the city.

"For these toilets to be closed given our status as a real tourist destination beggars belief.

"Last year we had 70,000 people visit the Roman museum in Caerleon, and we get 23,000 school children a year visiting too. But now there are no facilities to support these visitors. It's just unbelievable."

"The council said that there were facilities in the town hall or in the museum itself. But I know the museum has been really struggling with the numbers asking to use the toilets, and the town hall isn't always open."

The motion to reopen the facilities comes after hundreds of people signed a petition with the same aim.

Since being set up by Caerleon resident Huw Davies, the petition has attracted over 600 signatures.

Commenting on the petitions, Marilyn Pope said: "Toilets are essential for the people who have health issues and need access. We have a large tourism draw here in Caerleon and toilets are essential for the amount of people who come in on bus tours and who use local recreational facilities such as the sports field”.

Don Prosser said: “As someone born and brought up in Caerleon, I feel it is a disgrace that a facility so necessary to a community reliant on tourism, is not available to visitors. It is a decision made, no doubt, by people who barely know where Caerleon is”

Annette Clarke added: “I have health conditions and having no public toilet would stop me from visiting an area. I love Caerleon and worked in the village for many years. But this closure would stop me visiting."

The motion to reopen the toilets in Caerleon will now be put to a vote after being debated in a full council meeting in July.