ALL ex-servicemen and women involved in nuclear testing should be given medals, Islwyn MP Chris Evans has said.

Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions yesterday, Wednesday, the Labour MP backed a campaign by the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association calling for personell involved in the tests in the 1950s and 1960s, many of whom experienced health problems as a result, to be recognised.

Addressing Theresa May he said: "For a number of years we held a march in Islwyn to commemorate the service of test veterans to our country.

"Last week, test veterans were in the House of Commons to campaign for a medal for their service.

"Will the prime minister look at their campaign with a view to giving them a medal for the service they have given to this country?"

Mrs May replied she would "look carefully" at the campaign.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Evans said: ‘Nuclear test veterans deserve our continued support and gratitude for the work they have done for us. Many of them have felt the side effects of being exposed to radiation and their service must never be forgotten.

"Islwyn has a long history of commemorating nuclear test veterans, and I think the thousands of test veterans across the country deserve to be honoured and recognised for their unique service.

"I think a medal would be a good way to do this.

"I hope the prime minister will give this request the serious consideration that it so clearly deserves."

An annual parade to honour veterans involved in the nuclear weapons testing programme after the World War Two was first staged in Islwyn in 1993 but ended in 2011.