A CITY pawn broker has been left counting the cost after thieves ransacked his store in a late-night burglary.

Nick Richards, who co-owns Richards Brokers on Baneswell Road in Newport with his brother, first learned about the break-in when he came into work on Wednesday morning to find his shop windows boarded up.

When he let himself into the shop, he was shocked to find shards of glass, a large brick and a 14-inch kitchen knife abandoned on the floor.

On calling the police, the brothers found out that the thieves were chased away by an employee at a taxi office across the road at around 3am that morning.

But not, explained Mr Richards, before they managed to get away with armfuls of valuable stock.

Among the stolen good was five trays of mixed rings, three trays of watches, every mobile phone in the shop, every cherry and mixed gold rings, a diamond tester and scales.

“I came into work this morning and the windows were all boarded up with plywood,” said Mr Richards.

“The police did it after they were called by the taxi office last night. But we didn’t get a phone call from them or anything for most of the day.”

“They haven’t managed to take anything from the safe,” said Mr Richards.

“But they’ve taken all the watches and most of the mobile phones I think.

“They’ve left the big stuff and the TVs and so on. But judging from the glass scattered everywhere they made more than one trip before they were disturbed.

“I wouldn’t like to say how much it was all worth to be honest, because none of it was insured.

“They might have taken some pawn items and I’m worried that people will come for their stuff and I won’t have it.

“My concern is that this stuff is valuable evidence and I would have thought they would take it away as soon as possible or at least dust it for fingerprints, especially the knife and the brick.”

A spoeksman for Gwent Police said: "We were called at 4.20am yesterday morning, 13th June, to a break in at a commercial property on Baneswell Road, Newport.

"Officers attended the property, boarded up the windows and conducted an area search but unfortunately no one was located.

"Enquiries are ongoing into the incident and it is believed a quantity of jewellery has been stolen.

"Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting log 41 13/06/18."