CAMILLE O’Sullivan has a special niche as something of an elegant old world diva crossed with perfect cool rock chick.

The theatricality and energy, sublime chanteuse combined with fierce delivery, is as cathartic an experience for the audience as the artists as this time round she takes on the work of Nick Cave with some exciting results.

I was dazzled by her creation of character, emotion, story-telling through her voice, hand gestures, movement around the space, and empathy.

There was more obvious theatricality to the opening and early section of the concert, while the relationship with the audience was more evident later and the in the semi-encores. More off script moments were most endearing with expressions of self-doubt and seemingly genuine nervousness at taking on certain songs.

She took off her glittery shoes and prowled the stage, off came comes her jacket, she blows kisses to the audience, adopts rocker poses as guitars and keyboards generate a furnace of musical heat.

She is a natural weaver of tales, if they may have been created by others, but in this format she becomes a character of her own making, an extra character to the list of finely crafted individuals whose stories she communicates with whether in raucous notes or whispered lullabies.

By Mike Smith