SHOCKED residents have spoken out about the “abduction” of a woman who was “bundled into the back of a car” by four men.

The incident happened on Wednesday June 13, from the cashpoint outside of the Spar shop in Underwood, Llanmartin.

Police caught up with the men and arrested them a few hours later in the Bromsgrove area of Worcestershire, while specialist officers spoke to the woman involved.

But Gwent Police were first called to the scene by worried residents who had spoken to the men suspected of being involved.

Bill Perry, 70, has lived in the The Cedars across the road from the cashpoint site for three years.

He explained that a car had parked in a parking space reserved for the residents of the 65+ complex.

“They were there from about 10.15am to 3pm,” he said.

“I came out to water the herbs outside and there they were. They were polite and said they were from London, but I heard Irish accents on them.

“I saw the driver walk to the shop once, and they were all keeping an eye on it, as if they were waiting for something.

“By about 3pm I looked outside and they had gone.”

Another resident, Claire Williams, added that she let the men use her toilet and brought them out some beers to the car.

“It was really warm outside that day, and they were still sitting there at about 1pm. I thought to myself, ‘this is getting really odd’.

“So I went out and asked if I could help them.

“They had Irish sounding accents and told me an aunt who had broken down in Pontypool, and they were waiting for a low loader.

“I thought it was strange but carried on with my day, but at about 2.30 they were still there. I was worried about them really.

“I went out and gave two of them a bottle of beer each. Then I asked if they needed to use the toilet. Three of them did in the end.

South Wales Argus:

“One of them was younger than the others, and he kept getting out of the car to look at the shops over the road.

“I had a lie down, and by the time I got up they were gone. I was a bit worried by what happened so I put a call in to the police.”

Within half an hour of her call, police officers knocked on Ms Williams door. They told the startled residents that a woman “had been abducted” from the cash point in front of the Spar.

“They told us they caught up with them in England somewhere,” added Ms Williams.

“It’s shaken me up really. I was quite upset. The police told me not to use the toilet and they came and dusted for fingerprints and so on.

“I feel naïve and a bit stupid really. But they were so polite, charming even. You just don’t expect something like that to happen here.”

A spokesman for Gwent Police said: “At approximately 3.20pm on Wednesday, June 13, we were called to Birch Grove, Llanmartin, after receiving calls concerned for the welfare of a woman.

“At approximately 5pm on the same day, a vehicle believed to be linked to earlier reports was stopped by police in the Bromsgrove area of Worcestershire.

“Four men, from Northamptonshire, were arrested and have since been released pending further investigation.

“A woman was spoken to by specialist officers, and investigations are ongoing.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact Gwent Police on 101, quoting log 331 of 13/06/18.”