THE public have voted for an addition to the Chartist trail.

Our Chartist Heritage (OCH) - in true democratic style - asked the people of Newport to vote for one of three roundel designs to be added to the Chartist trails.

The winner – with over 50% of votes – was a design based on the original Chartist membership card, with the crossed rifle and spear design in second and the ballot box design in third.

People voted for this online and through a ballot box in Newport Market.

Project Development Officer, David Daniel, said: On behalf of Our Chartist Heritage I’d like to thank everyone that voted.

“The chosen design is bold, clear and speaks of the purpose of the Chartists in both Welsh and English while remaining true to the original design.”

The additions are funded by a Heritage Lottery Bid, which will mean the markers are added to the two routes, which follows in the footsteps of the Chartists.

Both routes start from Newport Museum, with one taking approximately 45 minutes to walk and the other taking around two hours.

The shorter route includes Westgate Square, High Street, the Old Green walkway at Newport Castle, and Riverfront Theatre.

The longer route also includes Belle Vue Park bottom lodge house, which is where the Chartists assembled on their way to Westgate Hotel in 1839.

The trail continues past The Friars, St Woolos Hospital (formerly Newport Union Workhouse) and St Woolos Cathedral, before heading down Stow Hill to Westgate Square and towards John Frost Square.

The estimated 60 bilingual roundels are being produced by Ned Heywood, who has been producing ceramics for 45 years, ready to be installed later in September.

This is one of many events being organised by OCH, who are hosting a free, spoken word event tomorrow evening.

The Life and Times of George Shell explores the story of a teenaged campaigner for voting rights who was shot dead at the Westgate Hotel.

It will take place at St Woolos Cathedral from 7pm until 8.30pm.

OCH are also organising Newport’s first Chartist festival – Newport Rising – for November.