The US President may be visiting the UK next week - but the town of Monmouth is also preparing to welcome a delegation from across the Atlantic 

Bees for Development (BfD) will welcome Professor Tom Seeley - of Cornell University - on Tuesday (July 10). He is the internationally-renowned research

scientist and writer on the natural behaviour and ecology of honey bees 

Professor Seeley serves as a Patron of BfD, and the charity looks forward to discussing with him how "from one corner of South East Wales, the transformative

power of bees is being unleashed worldwide". 

The establishment of 'Bees for Development - North America' will be top of the agenda for Professor Seeley's visit. 

It has been established to raise funds for BfD, which utilises beekeeping to help communities in some of the world's poorest countries. 

Dr Nicola Bradbear, founder of BfD, said: "We're hugely excited to welcome our Patron Professor Tom Seeley, of Cornell University, to Monmouth. 

"BfD is a small charity - with wide ambitions. 

"We're proud to have the eminent Professor Seeley as our Patron. The establishment of BfD North America is hugely exciting - and will be top of the agenda.

They will help to support our life-changing work in nations such as Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana and Uganda.

“This visit will be so important in discussing how bees continue to bring hope, food and sustainable incomes to some of the world's most isolated people." 

For further details about Bees for Development, visit the charity's website.