THREE friends from Caldicot will embark on a prehistoric road trip this week when they travel through Northern Europe to raise money for Cancer Research.

Kelvin Miles, Andrew Thow and Kevin Philipps will depart from Caldicot on Thursday (July 12) in their car, which has been specially painted to look like one of the cars from the first Jurassic Park movie.

The friends, who are calling themselves ‘Team Raptor’, will be hoping to avoid any tyrannosaurs as they head to the South of England, where they will cross over to the continent, travelling through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and The Netherlands.

Mr Miles said the adventure would help raise money for a cause close to many people’s hearts.

Everyone knows somebody affected by cancer, and they’ve seen what it can do”, Mr Miles said.

“We thought we’d see if we can do something to help.”

The friends have set up a Just Giving page for people to sponsor the adventure, with all donations going to Cancer Research UK.

The road trip is no easy feat, with the friends estimating they will clock up more than 1,000 miles on their journey.

What makes their plan even more ambitious is the fact their car, a Nissan Almera, cost them just £150,

When asked whether the friends were confident the car would survive such a long journey, Mr Miles said: “We’ll make it with a bit of luck!”

The friends’ car has been repainted to create an impressive likeness of the vehicles from the 1993 blockbuster, with local companies designing the logos and providing spray paint at discounted rates.

The three adventurers will continue the Jurassic Park theme by dressing up as park rangers for the first leg of their journey.

During their trip, they will have to complete some surprise challenges set by Boom Banger Rally, a company which plans road trip routes in and around Europe.

If you would like to donate to Team Raptor’s cause, visit