A POPULAR restaurant which closed two years ago will re-open next week, under a new name and with a new style.

The former Gemelli Restaurant in Bridge Street, Newport was one of several businesses to close due to electrification work to the railway lines and the rebuilding of the bridge in May 2016.

The works finished in December of 2016, but the restaurant remained shut.

It is now ready to re-open though - under the new name Gem 42.

And, as co-owner Pasquale Cinotti said, the new restaurant would not be the same as the last one.

“Unlike the last restaurant it will not be an Italian,” he said.

“The menu is going to be totally different to the last one.

“There is going to be a wider selection for people to choose from.

“We will be a fine dining restaurant.”

He added: “One of the chefs helping put the menu together is Jason Hughes, who worked for Gordon Ramsay.”

Mr Cinotti said he was excited about the new venture.

“We have been closed for a long time,” he said.

“It is great that we can finally open our doors to the public.

“I hope Gem 42 will be a success.”

The restaurant will be officially opened on Monday and open to the public from July 23.

Mr Cinotti added: “We will be having chefs here to open the place.

“During that week we will be open to friends and family only.

“But then the following week we are open for everyone to enjoy.”